Analog & Digital Recording in the Heart of Brooklyn




Toft ATB 32 channel analog recording console


SONY / MCI JH-24 24-track 2-inch analog recorder with AutoLocator III
  (24 or 16-track head stack available)

Otari MTR-12   2-track half-inch analog mastering recorder

Nakamichi and Onkyo analog cassette recorders

Sony PCM-R500 DAT recorder

Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, both running Logic Pro with a huge variety of plugins

Apogee Ensemble 8-channel A-D / D-A converter

MOTU 896HD 8-channel A-D / D-A  converters (3)


AKG  414BULS multi-pattern condenser (2)

AKG  D112 cardioid dynamic

Altec  M11 tube condenser mic with 21B omni capsule

Audix D6 cardioid dynamic

Neumann U87 multi-pattern condenser

Neumann KM-84 cardioid condenser (2)

Neumann U47 long-body tube condenser (vintage 1957), restored with VF-14M tube

Sony C37 cardioid & omni condenser

Audiotechnica 4047 cardioid condenser

CAD Equitek E100 cardioid condenser

Microtech Gefell M71S cardioid condenser

ElectroVoice RE-16 cardioid dynamic

Sennheiser MD-421HN vintage cardioid dynamic

Sennheiser MD-421U cardioid dynamic (2)

Shure SM-57 cardioid dynamic (2)

Shure SM-58 cardioid dynamic

Studio Projects LSD-2 stereo condenser

RCA 74B vintage long-ribbon

Shinybox 46MXC  long-ribbon with Cinemag output transformer

Beyer M260 cardioid ribbon (2)

Beyer M500 hypercardioid ribbon


John Hardy M1 mic preamps with Jensen input & output transformers (2)

API 525 compressor-limiter-de-esser

DBX 160X compressor-limiters (2)

Universal Audio 1176LN limiting amplifiers (2)

Orban 536A two-channel de-esser

Universal Audio 6176 : 610B vacuum tube mic preamp / 116LN limiting amplifier

Universal Audio 610 vacuum tube mic preamps (2)

Scully / Wells 280 custom-modified germanium mic preamps (2)

Pultec HLF-3C equalizer

EMT 140 TS stereo plate reverb with remote control

Roland Space-Echo RE-201

Orban 111B two-channel analog reverb

Lexicon PCM-70 multi-effects unit

Yamaha SPX-90II multi-effects unit

Yamaha SPX-1000 multi-effects unit

Digitech RDS-900 delay unit

Behringer Composer stereo compressor-limiters (2)

Balanced long frame patchbay 


Genelec 1030A near-field monitors (2)

Tannoy Ellipse 8 monitors (2)

Crown D75 power amplifier

Carver M400 power amplifier

Crown D150A power amplifier

AudioTechnica ATH-M50s headphones (6)

AKG K240II headphones (2)

               .........And more